Only 20 days until tax day!

March 26, 2009

I wanted to post another entry about the Federal Tax Credit. When I first discussed this back in January, I mentioned the changes to the Federal Tax Credit that were being discussed at the time. Well, some of the changes did end up being made and with just 20 days until tax time, I felt I should visit this one more time.

If you are considering buying a home this year, take advantage of the Federal Housing Tax Credit. The Federal Tax credit is available to you for a purchase of your new home. The sooner you talk with a tax professional the sooner you can determine how much of the allowable $8000 is available to you. This amount was $7500 under the previous bill and had a requirement to be paid back within 15 years. In addition, the deadline was extended from June 30th, 2009 to September 1st, 2009. These changes were made through the last stimulus bill.

As I mentioned before, regardless of what form this Housing credit takes, the current form or modified with new changes, it is a great incentive to assist you in the purchase of your next home.

For more details and frequently asked questions about the Federal Tax Credit go to the following website:

To put this in perspective, our town homes here at Volare in Happy Valley, start at $229,950. On a purchase, utilizing a FHA loan, the $8000 Tax Credit almost covers the $8048 necessary for the down payment. This would be almost like 100% financing with the government gifting you the $8000, with no requirement to pay it back.

Adding to this, at our meeting this week with our preferred lender from Wells Fargo, Matt stated that he was locking some buyers in at 4.5% and one of our own team just closed on a loan at 4.375%! These are mortgage rates that have never been seen before!

So, if you are considering buying a home, look into this as soon as possible. If you can purchase a home before you file your 2008 return you can claim this credit on your 2008 return. Just one of the many opportunities that exist in this housing market, right now!

For additional information on the current discussions about other tax credit changes, go to the following link:


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