Portland is still on top!

March 12, 2009


I have read the naysayers comments about how far they estimate (hope) the Portland market will fall by comparing us to other hard hit metro areas around the county. They pine and lament over how the market has a lot farther to fall.  Encouraging their followers to continue to rent and join them on the sidelines to watch Rome burn. 


However, this “glass half empty” crowd refuses to acknowledge the demand that exists for our city.  Year after year, we remain in the top ranks for most livable, most bike-friendly, most walkable, most active, etc.  So, it is no surprise to read the two stories below that have Portland the 5th most popular relocation city and 4th best housing market. 


This isn’t to ignore what has happened to our market, it is struggling, but it does acknowledge why Portland is still a good investment.  This is why we continue to have a quality of life that helps create lasting value for our market.  As long as we continue to have a city in which people want to live, our stock will remain in demand.  I also, believe that our recovery will be sooner than some expect.


So, as a life long Portlander, I continue to believe in our town.  The high rankings that Portland maintains, are no surprise to me.  I love the northwest and all that it and Portland has to offer.  It would be great if our negative friends would believe in us as well.


Here are two recent links for your review:





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